TEDxWandsworth 2016: Perspective

The second TEDxWandsworth was a fantastic success, with thirteen inspiring talks and four performances.


Double-loop learning: a case study from the front-line

Roderic Yapp
Founder, Leadership Forces

Roderic Yapp is a former Royal Marines Officer, he led marines on operations around the world including the front-line in Afghanistan in 2007, and evacuated civilians from Libya during the Arab Spring. Roderic delves into his experience as a Royal Marine explaining why we must challenge our own behaviour. He uses examples of changes made by UK Military and the Taliban to explain why we must challenge how we think if we are to solve tomorrow's problems.

Maternal death: a century of getting it wrong

Basky Thilaganathan
Professor and Director of Fetal Medicine, St George's

Basky's research interests are focused on obstetrics and high risk pregnancies with a particular interest in pre-eclampsia which accounts for 40% of maternal deaths worldwide and contributes to 25% of overall neonatal morbidity. In this talk, Basky will reveal emerging evidence that pre-eclampsia is actually a cardiovascular disorder that effects some of its actions through the placenta.

Why fitness is more important than weight

Leanne Spencer
Author and Founder, Bodyshot Performance

In her talk, Leanne will argue that striving for a perfect, skinny appearance is not the answer to obesity. Instead, the focus should be on functional fitness and incorporating exercise in our daily lives for all the benefits it brings, not just weight management.

Performance - Ancestral Whispers

Vanessa Downie
Choreographer and Dancer

Choreographer and dancer Vanessa Downie performs ‘Ancestral Whispers’, a re-enactment of a dramatic dream by a native American ancestor Kanawha Madonna. Vanessa’s solo explores how the legacy of America’s indigenous peoples still impacts the present generation. Music includes Night of Visions and Medicina by Ancestral Voices, and Traditional Music by Cherokee Stomp.

The art of infrastructure in the heart of London

Harbinder Birdi
Architect and Partner, Hawkins/Brown

The Crossrail project is a major new infrastructure route through the heart of London. Harbinder Birdi is one of the principle architects, responsible for designing three of the central section Crossrail stations. He reveals lessons learnt from the design and construction involved in upgrading the world’s oldest underground metro system and debates how architecture and art inform the construction of infrastructure projects and reflect the communities that use these interventions within the city.

Lessons from 257 days at sea in a rowboat

Natalia Cohen

Natalia Cohen was a member of the first all-female team to row unsupported across the Pacific Ocean. This was an expedition of 9,000 miles from San Francisco, USA to Cairns, Australia in a 29ft ocean rowing boat. Natalia talks about this extraordinary journey that was not only a challenge of extreme conditions and perseverance but also a deepening awareness of the undeniable importance of forging connection with others, the environment and our inner world.

Could you live without a smartphone?

Anastasia Dedyukhina
Founder, Consciously Digital

Anastasia Dedyukhina ditched her smartphone, together with her senior international career in digital marketing, when she realized how dependent she had become on the gadget. Today she acts as a business mentor, supporting ethical tech startups, and runs Consciously Digital, helping companies and individuals be more productive and less stressed in an age of digital distraction. In her talk, Anastasia will explain why we feel the uncontrollable urge to check our smartphones all the time and share the valuable lessons she learned and the tips that helped her find the right balance.

Performance - ‘Break or Bend’ and 'What is There”

Sarah Bird
Indie Folk Pop Artist

At TEDxWandsworth, Sarah performed ‘Break or Bend’ and 'What is There” from her latest album, Break or Bend. Australian born singer/songwriter and guitarist Sarah Bird is an Indie Folk Pop artist. Having picked up a clutch of music industry awards, Sarah is now living in London having released her latest album Break Or Bend.

We are all hackers

Niamh Houston
Independent Composer

The ‘hacker ethic’ is central to Niamh’s musical creativity as she takes us on a journey into the Chiptune genre, a subculture creating music from augmented hardware and software, and why such expression resonates with Millennials and others who are seeking to create raw and unfiltered music for an online generation.

How botanic gardens can win hearts and minds

Ed Ikin
Horticulturist, RBG Kew

Ed will discuss humanity’s evolving perception of beauty in the landscape and the botanic gardens' role as scientific institutions to explore where science and beauty meet, in new design concepts for Wakehurst.

Performance - Oliver Twist & Walk In

Casey Bailey
Rapper / Poet

Casey Bailey is a poet, spoken word performer, rapper and song writer. He performs his thought-provoking poetry about the state of the world today in his piece titled, 'Oliver Twist', and ends his performance with his hit track, 'Walk In'.

The power of pitfalls and functional stupidity at work

André Spicer
Professor of Organisational Behaviour, City University

In this talk André Spicer will examine what drives otherwise intelligent people to do idiotic things. He will consider the consequences of corporate stupidity and look at how we can make our workplaces a little less stupid.

A model’s journey to the other side of the camera

Tereza Červeňová

Art has the power to help people overcome hardships in life. Tereza Cervenová's discovery of her fluency in photography helped her to overcome an eating disorder and use visual language to highlight the experience of women struggling with the contemporary ideals of beauty presented through the media. Feeling worthy and happy within one’s skin can be difficult, but through her work with women with inspiring stories, Tereza challenges the concepts of what success and beauty really mean.

Performance - Don't let our love be in vain

Michael Costello

Michael Costello was selected by South Thames College to perform at TEDxWandsworth with his song, 'Don't let our love be in vain'.

The beautiful reality of autism

Guy Shahar
Autism Consultant and Author

In this talk, Guy uses the experiences and insights that he has gathered in his years as the father of an autistic boy to propose a radically different perspective on autism. Far from being a disability characterised by a set of accepted difficulties, he suggests that the underlying condition that gives rise to what we call autism is in fact one to be cherished.

How to stop the lies infecting medical research

Martin Elliott
Professor of Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery, University College London

Martin exposes the flaws in today’s peer-reviewed medical journals, where the manipulation of research data by a minority of doctors can result in harm to future patients. With Big Data forming a significant portion of the healthcare economy, he explains why patient healthcare and new medical procedures must utilise datasets to bring greater transparency and trust between doctors and their patients.