Laz Tyrekidis

Laz Tyrekidis




When not working wonders on TEDxWandsworth’s social media, Laz Tyrekidis is a Digital Marketing Director, working across both B2B and B2C platforms. Originally from Greece, he began his career running his own online newspaper and holds degrees in Computer Science and Software Engineering.

We caught up with Laz to discuss choosing happiness, seizing the day and playing Cupid…






Hi Laz, what’s your role at TEDxWandsworth?
I am the social media manager of TEDxWandsworth, so I look after all social media marketing channels for the event, with a particular focus on Twitter and Facebook. My role includes direct communication with our audience and distributing content in the spirit of ideas worth spreading.


Why did you get involved?
I have always been interested in supporting my local community and as a big fan of TED talks, TEDxWandsworth was the perfect match. My journey started almost a year ago when I applied as a speaker for the 2016 event and ended up becoming a member of the leadership team.

I hope to bring my experience and background in marketing to the fore, supporting the organisation in growing its network, reach and impact.


You are recognsied as one of the rising stars in the marketing industry. Could you tell us a little about your recent success?
I am the Digital Marketing and Audience Director at a publishing group that specialises in business and consumer magazines, and in the last couple of years I have been lucky enough to have my achievements, and those of my team, recognised across various industry awards.

I am very proud to have been a finalist in two categories at the British Media Awards 2017 and I was shortlisted for four awards at the PPA Digital Awards 2016, including the Digital Leadership award and Marketeer of the Year.

During that time, I was also invited to be a guest speaker at various marketing conferences such as the Marketing Sherpa Summit in Las Vegas and Internet Marketing Summit in London.


What sums up happiness for you?
Happiness is a choice, not a result. Dance, as though no one is watching; love, as though you have never been hurt before; live, as though heaven is on earth. Carpe Diem.


What advice would you give to anyone considering volunteering for TEDxWandsworth?
TEDx is a big deal – a great initiative that is shaped by the world’s most inspired thinkers coming together to spread and seed ideas that matter. Volunteering for TEDx is a very satisfying experience; our TEDxWandsworth team is like a family, with everyone working on a common goal.

It works so well because each person is involved in a task that they are passionate about. It’s a very collaborative and cooperative environment where everyone is invested in making TEDx the best experience.


You were part of the TEDxWandsworth team in 2016; do you have any stand-out memories from last year’s event?
I won’t forget a story from last year, about two people that met at our event in 2015 and attended TEDxWandsworth as a couple, a year later. There are so many things I love about TEDx, but the way it brings people together is really special.

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Interview by Rosy Edwards