TEDxWandsworth 2017 now just days away and excitement is starting to build. Our speakers are putting the finishing touches to their talks and the team is working hard to make the third TEDxWandsworth event one of the best yet. If you are one of the 150 delegates set to join us on Saturday 25th November, here is a sneak peak into what you can expect from the day.

1. Some daring truths

There’s a sense that having a difference of opinion is a bad thing. We’ve lost objectivity of what having a discussion is about. And, in some cases, truth has been suppressed – a minority voice in a maelstrom.

This year’s theme ‘Truth & Dare’ is about getting under the hood of those discussions, which is why we spent considerable effort seeking speakers who have something of true value to say. Our speakers have gone through a marathon process of mining their experiences and framing them against the essence of Truth & Dare, which is why we’re tackling subjects that you hear least about in mainstream media.

But it’s not all tough subjects.

Truth & Dare also looks outwards. We are examining why we travel to the stars; how do we clean the mess around our planet and why design must have a social conscience if we are to make our planet a better place for everyone. We’re looking at how the jobs of tomorrow start with changes we must all make today; why financial education is crucial for children if we are to create a stable society of tomorrow and why food community projects are not just about feeding people, but creating safe spaces where individuals who have been forgotten by society can meet, and break social isolation.

We are bringing new thinking. New Ideas. New Concepts. And presenting a new reality of a future that puts the emphasis on us – Humankind.

2. Four, phenomenal live performances

We are honoured to welcome four, exceptional performers join the line up for the day, each providing their own unique interpretations of ‘Truth & Dare’ through movement, music and lyrics.

We won’t ruin the surprise but expect to watch music played like you’ve never seen it before and to follow your imagination to different cultures, countries and sounds.

3. A dramatic stage

A TEDx stage is an art form. It must present the speakers in the best light, without detracting from their message and remain a thing of beauty in its own right.

For the second year running, stage designer Roberta Volpe has more than met this brief. Our stage for 2017 is skilful and subtle, with a quirky take on this year’s theme. Whether you are a staging aficionado or simply appreciate good design, we can’t wait for you to see it.

4. A chance to join in

We believe that the TEDx audience is as every much a part of the day as the speakers. That means you – and we want to hear your ideas. Between talks, delegates will have the chance to take part in audience engagement activities designed to spark discussion, foster relationships and push you to try something new. The emphasis is very much on fun, and whether it’s giving in to your inner child, road-testing some innovative technology or embracing your own creativity, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

5. A meeting of minds – and new friends

TEDxWandsworth not only brings people together but provides the opportunity to meet people that are every bit as curious as you. Expect to strike up conversations in the lunch queue. Expect to have your opinions affirmed, or gently countered. Expect to walk into a room full of strangers and leave with new friends. Participate as much as you can – don’t be shy. You’ll love your courage for being in a place full of interaction.  Sprinkle a bit of your own truth and dare.

6. A free lunch (turns out there is such a thing…)

Opening one’s mind to ideas can be hungry work. For this reason, all TEDxWandsworth delegates can enjoy a complimentary lunch, as well as snacks and refreshments throughout the day.

7. A tipple or two to round off the day

At the end of the day, all delegates are invited to a relaxed drinks reception where you can meet and mingle with the speakers and celebrate with the TEDxWandsworth team. We will no doubt be reminiscing over a hugley successful and inspiring day, and maybe even raising a glass to TEDxWandsworth 2018.


Article by Rosy Edwards