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TEDxWandsworth 2017: Truth & Dare Talks


How can we empower survivors of sexual abuse? Listen

Yvonne Ellis
Founder & Director, Daughter Arise

As a survivor of sexual abuse, Yvonne Ellis is uniquely placed to help others who have been through a similar trauma. In her insightful talk, she describes the stigma, secrecy and shame that surround sexual abuse and how communities can come together to help victims find their voice.

I believed in Shaken Baby Syndrome until science showed I was wrong

Waney Squier
Paediatric Neuropathologist

For decades, the medical community has viewed the symptoms and diagnosis of Shaken Baby Syndrome as an incontrovertible truth. In this important talk, Waney Squeir explains her reasons for speaking out, argues a new case for Shaken Baby Syndrome and discusses the challenges she faced when she questioned the conventional way of thinking.

If you leave your children one thing, make it this

Robert Gardner
Co-Founder, RedSTART

Most parents excel when it comes to teaching safety and good manners, but with money few know where to start. In this talk, Robert takes us through a gamification experience aimed at children to equip them with the essentials of earning money, keeping it, and watching it grow over time. As they learn good and bad things to do with their money, they experience a real feeling for risk and reward, as well as a few surprises that mirror the real-world.

Design with a Social Conscience

Malav Sanghavi
Founder, LifeCradle and Creoto

Sharing his own design experiences, Malav explores what can be achieved in a global design sense when you put humans rather than products and profit at the centre of things for lasting social good. He believes he and his fellow Millennials are up to this challenge.

One Man two Guitars! - Devil's Delight, Amarillo & Schizophrenia

Rodney Branigan
Singer, Songwriter, and Guitarist

Texas-raised Londoner who learned to play in Austin, perform in Los Angeles, craft songs in Nashville, and put it all together in the big smoke. In this track, Rodney flips two guitars and plays them simultaneously in this masterful performance.

How to Save Democracy

Brian Klaas
Fellow in Comparative Politics, London School of Economics

As a scholar of democracy and authoritarianism, he’s seen fear-and-division politics rising across the world, but says we’re more powerful than we think in reversing this trend. Beyond the uncomfortable stats of our civic shortcomings; he shares moments with those he’s met risking their freedom and their lives for a democratic choice; and offers five concrete ways we can start changing what we don’t like.

Let's talk about death then get on with living

Dallas Pounds
CEO, Royal Trinity Hospice

Dallas has experienced death more than most and understands the complexities that death – our own, and that of loved ones – can bring up on a personal and societal level. In her poignant and ultimately uplifting talk, she looks at the realities of dying and does not shy away from the difficult conversations we will all benefit from having.

Unlocking Jupiter’s secrets

Jonathan Nichols
Reader in Planetary Auroras, University of Leicester & Science Team Member on the NASA Juno mission to Jupiter

How we got from dust and gas to life on Earth has been a 5 billion year product development cycle, with Jupiter as the master decoder. Without this monster planet shaping our solar system, there would be no us. It’s why NASA’s Juno mission, launched in 2011 to explore the great planet, has so much to tell us about our origins. Mission scientist Jonathan Nichols shines wonder and light on this remarkable craft as it skims Jupiter’s ferocious defenses with the daring do of a superhero.

Dare yourself

Jo Youle
CEO, Missing People

In this transformative talk, Jo asks us not to wait until the right moment to make that change in our lives, but that we are capable of making the biggest transformation by taking action now. Significant, lasting changes shouldn’t take us years but it does mean stepping beyond our current way of life and embracing our dreams to create the level of life we ultimately want. By fulfilling our life’s mission to express ourselves with authenticity and to seize opportunities that come our way, we all can embody a living a vision of ourselves - the greatest possible expression of who we are without fear.

Live Performance of Doyal, Koi Jao Re, and Lungi


The band is named Khiyo after a letter of the Bengali alphabet. It is a unique letter that, whilst being a combination of two letters, has an identity of its own. Similarly, though the band members have backgrounds that include Western classical, rock, jazz, blues, Nazrul Sangeet, Bengali folk and Indian classical, the amalgamation of the whole has a singularly identifiable sound.

Why our jobs matter now more than ever before

Kevin Green
Chief Executive, Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)

In a talk that pulls no punches, Kevin looks at the forces polarizing today’s marketplace faster than any other skills migration in history, and what businesses, educators, and we as uniquely talented humans can do to make that 50% of our lives spent in work become more fulfilling not less in the years to come.

Let's have a maths party!

Paula Rowińska
PhD student, Imperial College London

In her charming talk, Paula discusses the everyday application of maths, from brushing our hair to eating a slice of pizza. Maths is all around us; we employ maths in everything we do, whether we know it or not, and Paula explains passionately why it matters.

A clean up operation that's out of this world

Jason Leigh Forshaw
Research Fellow at Surrey Space Centre

Space Junk is not a Disney feature, but the growing mess above us threatening to knock out vital satellite services on Earth and put future space exploration at risk. Jason Leigh Forshaw from the Surrey Space Centre and an EU-led consortium of scientists have set their sights on tackling the roughly 7,000 tons of space debris – remnants of a space race that started 60 years ago. Custody of space needs the same urgency as climate change, he says, and shares some of the ingenious removal methods that will be ready for launch in 2018.

A community approach to tackling hunger

Kemi Akinola
CEO, Be Enriched & Youth Worker

Kemi tackles the emerging issue of food inequality, arguing that nutritious food is increasingly reserved for the elite and that food banks, for all their good will, are no longer working. She offers a community-based solution, where connections and opportunities give hope and end hunger for those in desperate need.

TEDxWandsworth delegates sing 'IMELA'

Tom Morley
Scritti Politti Founder / Team Building Guru

At TEDxWandsworth 2017, Tom energises the audience through dance and rhythm. This talk put the emphasis on the audience, the true stars of TEDxWandsworth, who are clearly only too happy to play drums, sing and dance for the duration of a TEDx talk.

Don’t Watch This Talk

David Jubb
Artistic Director & Chief Exec., Battersea Arts Centre (BAC)

David spurs us to think about what we’re losing in a culture dominated by watching and listening. It’s all very well being awash in TED talks, but “we learn through doing,” and being emotionally, physically and socially involved. It’s a massive creative driver and “let’s face it, what makes us massively entertaining for our families.” He takes us back to the pleasures of learning in childhood and into his own techniques as a theatre producer supporting others to creatively try stuff out, and be prepared to take a risk

It takes a million small steps to achieve big dreams

Jane Amelia Harries
Training Consultant, Presenter and Adventurer

Success is so often labelled as winning, but there can only be one winner. Does that mean the rest of us are failures? It’s a theme adventurer Jane Asurmelia Harries explores in a talk filled with striking landscapes and human drama. In an intertwining personal journey, she revisits events that stalled her dream of competing in the famous Marathon Des Sables footrace in the Sahara; and how those disappointments and self-doubt ultimately propelled her when her time to compete finally arrived. Her simple message is not about winning or even taking part, but about never giving up.

#BeMoreBanana: Spreading more fun and joy in your life

Emma Stroud
Leadership Consultant & Comedy Performer

Emma's hilarious, quirky talk is inspired by her experience of being in post-Brexit London and her subsequent desire to spread more joy. Emma’s advice? #bemorebanana

Musical Medley

Melodic Gold

South Thames College, Year Two Students

The performers are from the Year 2 Music performance course at South Thames College. The performers are from the Year 2 Music performance course at South Thames College.